• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 07

The Empty Confession

        we stood face to face     only two paces apart
he looked broadly familiar     perhaps a tad more
     as we nodded in unison     eye ball to eye ball
  both smiled of innocence     laughed without sound

 I sought to say something     suspect he tried to utter
       but nothing oozed out     probably just as well
 then I telepathed humility    love and peace to all men
        blinking as I motioned    for he blinked too

       my ears started to ring     octaves above Middle C
      shook my head to clear     he seemed to empathise
  as I inhaled a deep breath     his gulp reciprocated
  sensed he caught my pain     clandestine now exposed

            I wanted to confess     wanted him to know first
    as it happened years ago    but could well recur
       for I discerned déjà vu     seeing beauty among nimbus
        in plains of pareidolia     in the annuls of utopia

  sharing a special moment     from only two feet apart
            feeling his presence     like the brother I once had
     but managed to explain     he echoed every word
           hope he understood     as much as I re-invented

    then I proffered a finger     to confirm our duality
        but nobody was there     just my marled old mirror