• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 03
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The elements

The silhouetted figures on poles
mysterious, foreboding, alone,
spirits from the other region, perhaps,
framed against a darkening sky,
as guardians calmly overlooking about the space
around the Dhigufinolu Island on South Male' Atoll
on a diving deck with chairs, mostly empty
at this hour of transition;
The carefully-arranged elements on this resort
combine together to add to the sense of solitude
for the viewer escaping a mad rat race into
this tourist paradise created for such customers only
the entire mesmerizing scene kissed by
a sun departing;
A boy bent, poised on the edge, quickly morphs into a bird-figure
with hands as tiny wings, fingers splayed out, and
about to dive into the tempting waters
of an infinity pool that reflects the evening- gloom so well.