• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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The Eighth Day

And on the eighth day
when it was all perfect
and worked like a clockwork orrery,

the creator
walking away
knocked the experiment from the table.

The gears were knocked diagonal.
New mountains rose from the oceans.
New trees sprouted from the horizon
                                       and the sky.
The moon triplicated
and the wind
a spirit of chaos
formed a proud
in the clouds.

The creator set it aside,
and spent a week
making a new world.

But the creator learned a lesson.


The Eighth Day

So they let determinism
and clockwork perfection

but distilled the mistake
with the trees
and mountains
and moons
and leopard
and let it drip
into the gears
of the clockwork world.

And the creator stroked the leopard
and said

When the mistake hits the machine
it is your domain
I shall call it dreams.
Show me
what my perfection is missing.