• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 05
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The Decision

Every day we did the same thing;

I'd go to work,
he'd go to the store with a list,
and he'd never forget anything.

And when I'd come home,
Dinner would be ready.

But that night,
Something strange happened.

I came home and there sat a duck
Nestled comfortably in his arms.

"Honey, what is this?" I'd ask,

He replied with, "I found her on the way home."

I wasn't surprised he picked up a stray,
he loved dogs and cats,
but a duck?
Was he okay?

"What do you plan to do with her?"
I looked into her beady little eyes.
"Perhaps, you should cook it!" I smiled.
"I plan to keep it," he said with confidence.

I was taken aback, aghast.
"We're not keeping a duck," I replied back.

"Why not?"


The Decision

"Because it's a duck."

He looked at me, his eyes were deadlocked.
"So, our dogs and cats are perfectly okay to stay?"
I nodded yes.
"But, not a duck?"

I stayed silent,
never in a million years did I think a duck could divide us.
But I stood by ground.

"It's a wild animal, and could very well carry something."
"But you don't know that," he said.
"And neither do you."

His eyes diverted,
he could no longer look at me.
"I no longer think I can live this way."

I walked closer to him,
"What are you trying to say?"

"I'm leaving for good."

My heart began to sink.
Had he always thought about leaving?

I felt so betrayed.
I was beginning to feel like one of our strays

"You're joking."
Was all I managed to say.


The Decision

"I'm afraid I'm not,"
he said with his chest.
"I'm finally standing up to you."

“You don’t know love,”
His voice grew deep.
“You only mimic what you’ve seen.”

His eyes were knives that began to cut deep,
“That’s why I must leave.”

My eyes began to burn,
"Where will you go?" I asked.
"Without me you have nothing!"

"I have my duck," he said. “And that’s more than what I’ll ever need.”

He turned one last time to look at me.
"You'll never see me again, goodbye.”
He shut the door.

At first, I thought he was lying,
playing a cruel prank,
but that was the truth,
I never saw him again.

Some say they see him at the lake,
Mostly on days where the sun most shines.
Always carrying that duck,
where it stays nestled at his side.


The Decision

It seems that he was right,
to say I never knew love,
and to be honest I’d rather not know,

I lost my husband to a duck.
I’m embarrassed, if you must know.