• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06

The dance of delirium

Is this the dance of a mullosc,
scooped out of its paper thin shell,
that spiral appendage like whalebone
anchoring the beautiful girl's scaffolded
spine as she twirls from the top
of the stairs to the bottom,
to grace & grass & germs
frolicking beneath the stars?
She wavers! we scream.
She will fall so we stretch our length
like paved stones, a walk through
the garden for her glass slippers
to tinkle & chip, crack & catch
the multicoloured evening in its disarray.
But what an evening, all garmented
in red skirt & yellow hair
like nocturnal flowers! & there are
barbiturates & amphetamines
in the mix because see,
see the huge mitochondria held
in the girl's palm.
That must be the Beast,
we've heard so much about?
& her iris seem to cover her face
with eternal night.
Oh my, what a beautiful, terrible sight!