• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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The Coin

Young Jack and Johnny stood with Brown Bear in awe of their find. Jack took his magnifying glass and looked at the shiny gold coin soiled with mud from exposure. Brown Bear delighted, chortled, and Jack picked up the coin, brushed off the mud with his shirt sleeve and handed it to Johnny who studied it intently.

“I’d say from the looks of this, it’s not from our time. It must be hundreds of years old,” Johnny said.

“This means we will be rich,” Jack said.

“We sure will,” Johnny said.

“The three of us rich, how exciting,” Brown Bear said.

“You’re a bear, you don’t get to be rich,” Johnny said maliciously, and Jack laughed.

With those hurtful words, Brown Bear trudged alone into the woods.

Jack and Johnny were so excited about their find, they jumped up and down. With all the excitement, they did not see the white furry rabbit who hopped up and grabbed the coin. Jack and Johnny screamed and ran after the animal, but the rabbit was too quick and jumped into a hole.

Jack peered into the hole with his magnifying glass, but the rabbit and coin were nowhere to be seen, and they sullenly walked home.

Down in the hole the rabbit and Brown Bear enjoyed their newfound richness.