• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 01

The Cheese Shop

He’s here again, dirty nose on the pane,
Torn clothes and grime declaring his intent,
While Ma and Pa are out, and we remain.
I see his malice, that lad is hell bent.
If he comes in I’ll seize the broom again
And make that filthy thief truly repent.

He’s back again. I wonder if he’d play?
He looks like fun; I see him smile and wave.
I could fetch a stale rind, like yesterday,
And crusts that Ma had thought that she would save
To feed the pig. But now the sky’s so grey,
And he’s so grateful for the help I gave.

He’s back again: my boy. He knows it’s me,
Although I turn and will not look his way,
He still remembers how things used to be
When I slept on his bed, another day.
A found mouse, gifted, now gains me entry,
Milk by the fire, whilst he is turned away.