• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 08

The Cat Burglar

My grandfather was Macavity,
I have a lineage of depravity,
I live without accountability,
A feline of renown.

I burgle with proclivity,
The homes of the royalty,
In and out with alacrity,
Of the biggest homes in town.

Calm in the face of adversity,
A burglar with ingenuity,
Your cameras will never see me,
As I’ll be hanging upside down.

A model of practicality,
For every lock I have the key,
Nails sharpened for utility,
For use after sundown.

I select my victims with impunity,
For jewels of the highest quality,
I favour the aristocracy,
The master of the shakedown.

I’ll never have a family,
I make love with anonymity,
I’m single of necessity,
The cat who stole the crown.