• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03

The Cardinal

And the day started so well.
With the order of ceremonies to hand,
The form and function, and the
Ritual for enacting our desires, we laid out
In even patterns for the Cardinal to view.

We know the rules, even when
We had no hand in their creation.
We defer. We accept his shadowy
Authority as the basis for the order of our
Living. Even of our fall, our dying.

But when the world comes at us
With its own order, not consonant with ours,
When our two orders intersect,
When our disharmonies overwhelm, he looks
On, and does not seem to be displeased.

He lives in shadow, behind a mist,
An outline in the light. More of a sensation
Of aloof pleasure in our pain. He takes
Satisfaction in our fall, our shattered pride.
Especially when the day started so well.