• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

The Blind Girl’s Song

As I walked out on Camber Heath
the jackdaws followed me.
In their strange way they seemed to say
Today your soul flies free.
Against my face the breeze blew sweet;
the bird-cries filled the air
and nothing but fine raindrops touched
the child’s golden hair.

Her daddy was a dancing lad
his arm was fine and strong
and all night long he reeled with me
and charmed me with his songs.
But in the day he went away
as all true lovers part
and left his concertina there
to ease my broken heart.

Yes we may walk a hundred miles
to find him once again
and sing the songs that we once sang
of joy and love and pain.
O we may trudge a hundred more
my sister-child and me.
I had my choice and took it once:
that was my destiny.