• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 05
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The Big Cheese

‘Tell me, do you always walk this path,
Your face is new, I’ve not seen you before.’
With these lines my heart was broke,
Heart struck to silence when he spoke,
He looked so gorgeous, after all,
Dressed in blue, standing six feet tall,
For me the writing was on the wall,

So I allowed him to pick me up,
I became his lover duck,
He carries me everywhere under his arm,
I am it seems his lucky charm,
When I am with him women smile,
Children gather and name me friend,
He’s given chocolates and taken on dates,
I don’t mind, unless he comes home late,

On Sundays we walk out to see
The place where he first noticed me,
He tosses bread to lesser ducks, who
Squawk their thanks before floating away,
Hoping to be chosen on another day,
But for now my charm is all he needs,
For now, I am his only big cheese

It was my eyes that caught his own,
Their twinkle that made him smile,
These eyes that see all the world,
That make me wise, knowing, old,
It’s these he loves most of all,
My eyes trapped him to my thrall.