• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 03

The Barbed Hole Of Pain

around the barbed hole
was built a fence
forty feet high
coated wire mesh
erected by labour
without volition
alongside the border
across the horizon
to restrict words and
non-compliant phrases
to limit messages of
articulate sentences
created by those who
saw through smoke
to challenge authority
though how they dare
yet the subtle design
lets sunlight through
according to protocols
of filters engaged
to make it appear
that thought is free
that candid talk
is open and frank
in homes and schools
at play and work
in caf├ęs and diners
on buses and trains
while jails brim full


The Barbed Hole Of Pain

of those who erred
expressing opinion
in contrary mode
kept far out of sight
of their tearful kin
from preying alien eyes
in pursuit of scoops
though one day will out
the truth of pain
to the horror of those
who cut through the hole