• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 10
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The Bag, The Box and The Lawnmower

"Alright mate?" said the bag.
"Not bad," said the lawnmower.
"Did you get left?"
"Nah, my owner's coming back."
"That's what I thought," said the bag. "But I've been here for 17 stops now."
"Don't say that," said the lawnmower. "You'll give me anxiety."
"Is it your first time in lost and found?"
"What did I say? Stop teasing me."
"I'm not teasing you mate. Listen, I've been down L&F countless times and it ain't all that bad. Honest."
"My. Owner. Is. Coming. Back!"
"Bit of a selfish place to leave you," said the bag. "Not everyone can step over."
"Excuse me," said the box. "Do you guys mind keeping the noise level down? I'm trying to sleep."