• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 10

The Back To Normal Workout

Hey hey! Welcome to The Back To Normal workout! Let's jump to the beat of limitless liberalism! Let's confuse progress with consuming the hell out of this planet, c'mon, c'mon! Buy two for the price of one, three for the price of two, and repeat! Let's fill that existential void with stuff you don't need. And lift that ego, one, two, three, four, lift it! You're not taking anyone's feelings or needs into consideration except your own, that's the way to do it! And stretch the boundaries of human life. Stretch! Stretch! Stretch! Only you are important, only now counts, don't worry about the future, the future is for losers, because it's not there yet! And buy! And buy! Don't think. Don't use your brain to fabricate thoughts and ideas and objections. No, use your body! That's the only thing you know is real. Punch that fist forwards and forget the new normal, punch it, yeah, because you want everything the way it used to be, when you were still on top! Punch, two three, four! And now, for the cooling down, stand with your legs spread, hands on your hips and close your eyes, close your eyes for the simple fact we really don't need more to have a better life and breathe out, let it all out, so it's gone and you're ready for your next workout tomorrow. See ya!