• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 07

The Antique

Charles spent every Sunday afternoon reading to his grandmother Ann, while she sat in her blue upholstered wooden chair, her finger tapping her chin listening intently. On more than one occasion, she spoke of how the chair had been in the family as far back as the late 1800s.

As Charles now sat in that same chair, in his own living room, he could feel the sunken spots from years of use. Considering, it was still in good condition having never changed the upholstery. Facing the window, he watched the birds fly from tree to tree searching for prey, wondering why his grandmother insisted he take the chair after she passed away.

Charles smoothed his hands against the fine wooden armrests, getting a feel of the workmanship from that era. As his hands moved back and forth he felt something. It was a small piece of note paper taped underneath the right armrest with his name on it.

To my Dear Grandson Charles,

I know you must be wondering why out of everything I own, I left you this chair. It’s not only because out of everyone in the family, you were the only one who took the time to visit and keep an old lady company, but because this is also an antique worth a lot of money. I wanted to leave it to you to either keep or sell. It’s your chair now to do as you wish.

Your Loving Grandmother, Ann

Charles folded the note and relaxed against the back cushion. It took him only a moment to decide what to do.

All the money in the world wouldn’t replace the memories that chair represented.