• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 11
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The Algorithm

She drips Essex sunsets, 
Clingfilmed complexions 
Collagen collages 
Clambering ladders, breaking rungs 
Slashing her savings in designer heels.

He preens for likes, 
Head bobbing in a sea of tangerines 
Filtered ombre, 
Pasting chalky smiles over broken hearts 
He swipes to the left.

Stomachs taut, yet weighted in coal
Rumbling their innards in darkness, 
Festering in the #reality 
Which bubbles and burns 
Their souls away, 

Selling them up to their socials 
To be buffed and primed in ads and fads
Like plasticine dollies
Setting to stone, 
Static with shelf life,

Until crumbling clay 
Leaves them to scour for familiarity amidst 
A chug of orange soldiers 
Marching in lines of youthful unity 
Upon the news feed they once stood, 
Before the algorithm strangled them.