• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 02

That’s no carp

While I was fishing just down stream from the power plant on a piece of my families horse farm, I noticed a freakish creature swim by. Trying to capture the beast, I threw a rock in it's direction, attempting to knock it out so I could grab the bastard spawn.
It was a direct hit that only seemed to agitate the thing.
So, I grabbed another rock and flung it as hard as possible. Whap!! The fish like creature went belly up. I was able to wade into the water and grab it bare handed.
Once I had it lieing on shore I inspected this peculiar, fluorescent thing.
I could not figure out what breed of fish this was. Or if it was even a fish.
As I turned it over, examining every detail, that's when I realised what it was and where I'd seen it before.
We had an old horse that had lived on the farm for as long as I could remember. His name was, Hung-Far-Low. He was a prize stud.
On the day he died -to honor his years of service to our family- we cut his cock and balls off and sent them floating down the river. Its an old tribal tradition.
Well, apparently this severed horse cock got hung up on some rocks and the radiation from the plant up stream had given it life again.
As I was realizing all this, the radioactive horse dick regained consciousness, spit in my eye, and tried to bite me. I knew the spirits had put me here to cleans the world of this ungodly creature.
So, I said a prayer, grabbed another rock, and smashed that evil shlong into pieces, hoping to the gods that I had not been tainted by the remnants that covered my face.