• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 10
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Test card heat wave

I see this and I see that but mostly
what I see is the fuzzy sort of nothing
that comes from seeing too much too fast,
a distinctly indistinct pattern which is
insistently telling you that if you crack me,
do your signal / noise thing that apparently
your temperament and talents make you
well suited for (so you kept being told
by people who could read your eyes but
not your heart) well maybe you might
just save the world;

oh but probably not,
I mean we’ve all the seen the news, the hot
news, the burning news, the apocalypse
won’t be as warm as this! news, but you
know the real headline is ‘Fortress Europe
Can’t Keep Out All The Climate Change
Migrants’, and all the brand onions you
slice while wearing your thin on-trend
suit won’t put that into culture, will it.