• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 02

of tendencies: if the value of a cup is the emptiest space inside of it

please stay — is the definite feeling — but the mouth won’t jut
words swallowed quicker than queen conchs scuttling from shells
at dusk to graze — to mate — lotus spined silhouettes left behind

the medulla oblongata supplies impulses to kill

caterpillars, supplies complaints of no butterflies,
this is what happens when we forget

honeycombed words, ocean jasper moss muse:
teach me how to bear the weights of non-events 

not mandatory, but compulsory
play around with the articles

until only the curves of forgotten things rust

louder in memory than the way her fingers suspend
when lighting matches, a chionophile shawled

in woodsmoke iodine, energy
changes form but is never lost

play around with urgency — teach me how to carve

anatomical figures into daily things: the shapes of bones

into coat hangers, cartilages for utensils

if the value of the cup is the emptiest space inside of it

there is no forward movement in growth without urgency

teach me how to wrestle with simultaneous attractions

knowing and not knowing, tangential velocity
her touch ignites — electrified minnows


of tendencies: if the value of a cup is the emptiest space inside of it

a spider web without edges
the primitive epitome of nostalgia for
once urgency is removed — go inward and choke 

erogenous zones remain hidden
but what if inertia is
not melting, but rotting

in between saltwater taffy and oyster spit 

unlearn the breasts of ache and brine