• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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of tendencies: the anatomy of an unruly emotion

3:15 mid-morn-mist the sprinklers
right on time anxiety overshot eddies
sharper than possum scent — olfactophobia
odor triggered migraines or null advice
said don’t wear that dead cat
around your neck like a talisman
shoulders askew weight of past weight
of new light is blue orange pollen hesitant
evenings the feral cat found herself
a friend cicadas twined realizations
the gap between more and enough
that you’re always my unfinished
sentence the path is wide enough
for two people to walk abreast light is
inevitable as i listen to coldhearted pussies
rendezvous midst periwinkle sawdust
mornings haunted by moon-bathing-blues
when aroma fails us, something tender