• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 06
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That dissonance
that cacophony,
those hushed whispers  
are trying you to clamor you 
they are trapping you, slowly and surely
and pitching an invisible fence around you

those loud cheers 
those blaring noises of excitement 
like something new is unraveling,
the air is thick with the smell of victory
with people busy lining

those placards are riding high in the air
heavy with the victorious smell 
that sweet musky fragrance
you can hear the foot taping 
that synchronicity 
how everybody aligns themselves to happiness,
the thick magnet pulling every one 
towards everybody

This tide of life
this elixir of happiness 
is pulling you in
you are getting drenched in it 
with each pore of your existed dabbed 
with this serenity 



But something in you
some deeply instilled fear
of reaching the end
pain ruffling the surface
has paralyzed you from within
there are yards to go 
miles to suffer 
the meaning of life, hidden within.

You want to rest 
like the wind resting on the leaves
carefree yet so beautiful
your body supine 
losing itself to this gentle air
this luxury so divine

Before the next wave of the clamor 
rattles you again
you let the ever brewing temerity
in this hurried life
a pause.