• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 04
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I’s tell a story of failed tongues

Not anyone lived in tall-house behind sleep town.
With gossiping silence and curtains twitch frown.
Nobody said murderer’s sh(r)ine.
Kids changing sides, no ginger-knock down-time.

Then someone didn’t post fear through their box.
Said faceless enigmas, swallowing frogs.
Nobody set fire to barn hay of life.
Folks ignored smoke, polished fork and sharp knife.

When no-one shout came in red angry face truck,
Sheriff a smirking smiles shot out of luck.
Nobody scuffled with translation that cost.
Inmates made space another youth lost.

That anytime passed aged wrinkled skin bent.
Jailors blind to misjustice life solitary spent.
Nobody’s wife came release day to love.
Back to that house – pigs, straw and ring dove.

Let sometime prove whispers, trust seeping come.
Truth fighters pride – help to those some.
Nobody’s victim, a lesson too late.
Community language, difference love hate.