• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 06
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The world we know today is not the world we knew in the past.
It has certainly changed its colors and hues so fast.
A colorful world we really do not know until when will it last,
Since its people turned the beauteous nature into dust.

How I am grateful today, as I can still see the sun shines bright,
And how a simple boy smiling as he plays with his kite,
or how a Maya bird could freely take a flighty flight,
can absolutely hide what is deeply behind the horizon’s light.

Our world has savagely changed its roots into a dark, dreadful trees,
Who branched out so much hatred and feared pedigrees,
As trees will give birth to the next generation of innocent trees.
Which should not be tortured with rejection and broken-heartedness.

The new generation of trees will inherit this unfriendly disposition,
And will largely unfold a bloodshed of tormenting future.
But can we still hold a great, forceable possibility to stop this deliration?
And uphold greater values for our damaged nature.

As a song speaks, “Teach them well and let them lead the way,"
Depicts the hope and the role this new generation of trees portray.
Penetrate them with love and care so they will cherish and redo it again,
When they fail, nourish their faith and pride, so they can regain.

Us, teachers should touch the barks of our growing trees,
And branch out wisdom, produce knowledgeable pedigrees.
Let us step our feet on the ground; preach and nurture,
Teach how we existed today and how we can save the future.