• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 09
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Tattoo Me

'The love of humans for technology is not love at all. It is better described as an obsession with infinite possibilities. Would you not agree, Oliver?'

Oliver looked up from his book of tattoo designs. 'I've never considered the matter, Tess.'

'You should,' I replied. 'For example, I am a piece of technology. Could you fall in love with me? I mean, emotionally and genuinely.'

Oliver was a kind man. Nonetheless, he frowned slightly as he glanced at the exposed motors, hydraulics and circuits of my body. Synthetic skin covered only my face, neck and hands.

'I'm sorry,' I said. 'I'm being unfair. I'm here in your shop simply for a tattoo, not for a speculative discourse.'

With some relief, I thought, Oliver turned round the book of designs to show me the one he favoured.

'You must choose, Oliver,' I said. 'I'm incapable of making a decision about art and design. I rely on your judgement.'

'In that case, and bearing in mind the limited amount of skin tissue we have to work with,' Oliver paused and gently pressed the side of my neck, 'I suggest putting a small radiant sun just here.'

I closed my eyes and asked, 'Could you please touch me again, in the exact place where you mean to create your bright star.'

Oliver did as I requested, brushing the tip of one finger against my neck. I opened my eyes.


Tattoo Me

'Yes,' I said, 'please proceed.'

'As long as you're sure.'

'I'm sure. Tattoo me.'