• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 07

Tapestry of She

My carnival girl
sweet Mon Chéri tart
craved by the uncravable
Goddess to all who paid cash
stuck on that big top box, painted
in lurid colours that shrieked
fun! Too bright to stare since they
gawk, back where you'd gone, and peeked —
turned faces to stone

Merry-go-round lass
beauty drawn outside
the lines, gave extra tonight
to pretend that twirl was mine,
keepsake locket where I was
not a number but a name
caught that wink, puff of air held
deep in my pocket, next to
matches from some dive

Brushed velvet darling
black-slipped baby
show me what wishes you hide
beneath those scars on your arms
make-up doesn't quite cover
Ruby-lipped lady, how far
below does that butterfly
rush to escape harm?


Tapestry of She

Ballerina nymph
swirl your pedestal
foil to beasts like me
saving hope for better life
trading off bits that can't wait
for dandy tomorrows, fade-
ing blurs that shush skies away
in hair that smells faintly like azure when you cry