• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 08

Tanya Layko, Fashion Platter

It’s Таня Лайко, double dose,
Cyrillic transposed, Latin first -
an answer known means followed close -
some time I’ll study, alpha bits;
Tanya oral, Hasidic Law,
lore Layko=best, though how pronounce?
But first - this is no centre spread -
not staple gun range, newsprint hinge;
but is it one, or twinset ’graph?
It’s highbrow fashion, ear ring kit;
cut this pattern, three quarter length,
one eye each lobe, how many tears?
This ringing hand - not wringing here -
hold resting, digits to the fore.
The facial shades, grade captured shapes,
serene smooth flesh for zygomat,
sterno muscles, sculpted necks.
Mortise and tenon carpentry,
bold tendon joint to turn or nod,
both clavicle, end temple play,
puffs gathered, squiggle rivulets,
the interplay, mesh flesh with bone.
The salmon, not the sleeveless shade -
that palette ‘sable’, nearly ‘beach’ -
a menu starter, fruits de mare?