• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 05
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I talk to the Birds (or, Jesus and the Eagle)

I once asked Peter if he believed in anything. No reason in particular other than to make conversation. I had yet to discover anything of note about my new foster brother but I took him out somewhere calm. The different noises in the house often stressed him out. I could tell he enjoyed it too, even if we had nothing to talk about he’d just sit there with his big gap toothed grin glowing as he held my hand. This time though he considered the question.

Jesus he signed, and The Eagle.

‘Eagle? Like the bird’?


‘That’s nice’ I said with my best 'I’m an atheist but I’ll humour you smile.' ‘Why the Eagle? ’

Jesus heals the sick, birds carry me away.


From here.

I looked at him puzzled ‘You don’t like it here?’

No, too loud, hurts.

I put my hand me his shoulder. ‘I’m sorry, I could talk to mum?’

It was his turn to smile now. All okay, I talk to the birds all the time. I tell them the house is loud and no one cares, they will come and get me soon.


I talk to the Birds (or, Jesus and the Eagle)

‘I care’ I said.

You can come too. He was still smiling.


I was awoken in the middle of the night by bird calls. Loud shrill things the cut the air like a giant electric saw. I rubbed my eyes and looked out the window.

‘What the- I said to myself. Peter was standing at the top of the tall pine tree at the bottom of the garden. He sat perched on the top branch surrounded by…Blackbirds? Not even thinking to throw anything on, I opened the window and leapt from it, running to the tree.

‘Peter!’ I tried to yell, though it emerged more a yelp. ‘Get down!’ I was hoping he could still lip read that high up.

‘No’ He said, I’m going with the birds.’

I was momentarily stunned. Peter could talk? Did the birds actually…? No way. I made a mad dash for the tree and attempted to climb it but, like black and yellow missiles they cut at my hands until I was forced to let go.

'I’m sorry, Luke. I was wrong you can’t go, they told me so’

I tried to maintain my cool and attempted to smile at him. ‘Don’t be silly, we said we were going together so that’s that.’ I tried to climb the tree but was again beaten back by the birds.


I talk to the Birds (or, Jesus and the Eagle)

As Peter shook his head something appeared from behind the clouds. A big white bird, I had never seen it before but it perched on the top of the tree with all the majesty of a God. Peter climbed on him.

‘Don’t go’ I said meekly, but Peter only smiled again as the white bird flew away. Taking Peter and leaving behind a trail of something that looked like stardust.