• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 06
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The Tale of the Black Satan

Last year in summer, a couple of friends and I went to stay in small rented cottage in the Eifel Mountains in the west of Germany, and we drank beer and had a good time in that delightful place called No Service on Your Mobile Phone. We walked up hills and down valleys, and on one of the walks we came across the ruins of a castle that, as the story goes, was once the home of a marauding knight called the Black Satan. At his castle, which later became known as the Geisselsburg, the hostage castle, he kept a dungeon full of hostages from the surrounding villages to extort ransom from their families. One day he and his men captured an elderly man in the woods who was surely to die if imprisoned in the dirty dungeons, so the other hostages pleaded with the Black Satan to release the man, but the knight just laughed. The old man perished after two nights in the dungeon, but not before cursing the knight with his dying breath. That night, while the knight was drinking with his companions, imperial troops from nearby Trier stormed the castle, killed the knight's men, freed the hostages and hung the Black Satan with his castle burning around him.