• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 01

Take to the Air!

When we took to the air,
it was a temporary measure.

Days turned into weeks,
weeks into turbulent months

spent surfing convection currents
up over aging asphalt, down over devastated vegetation.

Firmly-planted feet freed from soil
destabilizes people of faith,

which most claimed to be
before becoming avian.

Now they are the ones belly-flopping
from perfectly-livable transportation,

unable to accept the new normal—
we poisoned the planet below.

Bird’s eye tourism continues to thrive;
no ceiling for binocular sales.

Fishing holidays remain popular
outside hurricane seasons.

Water delivery remains more punctual
than it’s competitor—rainfall.

While aloft, we will build
submarines and rocket ships

to continue this manifest conquest—
humanity trumps everything above and below.