• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 03
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Take A Bath, They Say

Take a bath, they say, and all of the creative ideas will come to you. All of the worries and concerns and everyday troubles of this world will drift away. You've felt stuck in your writing, stuck in your life, stuck in your physical movements. The tired body needs time to relax. So you draw a bath, like they say. Plug the drain and turn the faucet on and allow steaming hot water to flow alongside inspiration floating like bath bubbles to the surface of your consciousness. Dip your toes into the warm water, let the sound of the flowing water heal your body like a salve. Immerse your body all at once into the bathtub, close your eyes, and allow imagination to take hold of you as if it were a physical being striving to become real in this reality. You breathe in the lavender essential oils and exhale all of the negativity and stress away. You imagine the mermaid myths and legends, the yellow rubber duck from the hotel, the seal that floated by in the water beside the castle on the island. And then you dunk your head beneath the water and envision those rocks on the Scottish shore, called Kilt Rock because they looked like kilts the Scottish men would wear, and your tears mix together with the healing bath water. Take a bath, they say, and all of the creative ideas will come to you in figuring out how to heal the heartbreak of loving the Scottish countryside but the man you love doesn't feel the same.