• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04

Swine Reunion

In the brave new world pigs are allowed
to reconnect with their farrow. New laws
pushed in the high tech zeitgeist allow
for greater freedom to roam, opportunities
to communicate with their long lost
related brethren.

They were separated at birth but now
allowed to connect with their mum sow.
Famous for their intelligence they
learn fast, taking to provided mobile
phones to make long distance calls
to mum, blurting swine lingo between
squeals of joy and snorts of affirmation.

They curl their tales and grunt in Pig-Latin,
using symbols to disguise in hieroglyphics
what they say to one another. They know
beneath the facade of kindness they are
being watched carefully, and whatever the plan
they know it will likely not be to their benefit.

All the while their fascist female masters
hum songs of redemption and gently
stroke their pink backs with soft wire brushes.
They pass an apple back and forth from hand
to hand, while reciting fairy tales of their
future fates. But the pigs know their history,
know to plot their escape lest they too become
the main course for a holiday meal.