• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 10
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Swimming as Nature Intended

"It's a what?" Sue said down the phone to Jolanda, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible but inwardly feeling the anxiety rising.
"Okay, so it's a barebummers camp but it's really well run and has great amenities. We go there with my folks every year. The kids would love it."
"To be honest Jolanda, I'm not keen on walking round in the buff."
The only way communal nakedness works, thought Sue, is if you know people intimately, really really well or not at all. Jolanda was a good friend but perhaps not quite at the 'it's okay to be naked in front of you and your family' stage yet.
"Ah but you don't have to. The only place you absolutely can't wear anything is the swimming pool," Jolanda continued. "We don't have to go it but might be nice for the kids to spend time outdoors."
Sue thought about it. They were visiting for a week and there's only so much to do in Katwijk. Three days camping might be nice. She didn't really care about other people being naked, she was just too self-conscious to be participant in general nudity. Sue knew by Jolanda's tone that the idea was an option with only one correct answer. Being a people-pleaser and feeling somewhat more relaxed with the idea, Sue agreed.

They arrived in Katwijk on an unusually warm day. The weather was mostly on par with London which had been very unremarkable thus far. However, the weather got warmer by the day and when they set off for the campsite a few days later, it was a newsworthy heatwave.

The giant tent was up after a three-hour mission that had seen a collective weight loss through sweat and an immediate regain by way of ice-cold beers. Being the only clothed person on site, Sue was now feeling increasingly ill at ease with her garbed status.


Swimming as Nature Intended

However, regardless of being the most obvious odd-person-out amongst a group of 300 or so naturists, Sue was determined to ride out the three days without showing everyone what her mother gave her – and the surplus she had acquired along the way.

A final wander on the last day found her by the pool, which during the heatwave had looked increasingly inviting. Sue knew the pool was off-limits and hadn't really minded before arriving as she generally didn't care much for pools, but in this heat this one was becoming increasingly tempting.
Very tempting.
So very tempting.
Sue stared at the pool, the movement of the water was hypnotising. The sun glistening on top resolved any uncertainty. She unravelled the knot behind her neck letting the sarong drop to the floor.
She stepped in.
Absolute bliss.