• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 11
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Sweet notes of Freedom

My fingers incessantly
plucking the strings
as they draw the blood from my soul
and play on and on
like a long-lost symphony,
with truth lodged within my throat
as I clutch my teeth together
shredding it
Oh! so gently

I move my fecund fingertips fervently
to bring out the music of the divine
those seraphic fingers
playing the melody
move gently
Oh! so sublime

But nothing comes out from this
choked and vapid soul
everything gets
lost in the cacophony
this voiceless din,
this succumbed uproar

I'm taking in thin strips of the air
or whatever is left of it
as my encumbered heart is
dying and rotting slowly


Sweet notes of Freedom

when the air is heavy around me
laced with thick orange-tinged
doubts and accusations
dangling freely

And I know I have to hide my identity
inside this eye-pleasing
ambrosial appearance,
to satiate your soul
and to validate
my dim existence

And God forbid if I even try to exist in a form
other than binary
then music will be tainted forever
the sweet notes will be turned into a cacophony
upsetting your fragile balance
between totalitarian and the anarchy

This air is venomous
I'm gasping and wheezing
with swirling vortex twisted
around my throat,
with my bated breath and bleary eyes
I wait for sweet notes of freedom
to set my soul free
forever and more.