• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 02
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Surprise, surprise

Life can be a deceptive backstabber
just when you think you found some luck
she wakes you up with a piercing pinch
the bubble bursts, you come unstuck.

Happiness effortfully, sweatily reached
fleets as rapid as fleecy clouds
blue summer skies are badly short-lived.
Laughters wither and are blown away
like cherry blossoms in May
during a stormy day.

When you think you found the one at last
courting a new little dove
your sweetheart will be gone
grinding your budding hope
the moment you take down
your battered barricades.

Life is a grim teacher, an unapologetic master
eventually you learn your bitter lessons
or so you think!
but within a nano-wink
taking a wrong turn
you find yourself repeating
the same old mistakes
oh, how you wished
you thought and learned faster!


Surprise, surprise

Life will make you bleed so much
nurses won’t be able to keep up
hooking you to blood preserves
sometimes stitches won’t heal
your imperceptible wounds
but shedding no tears
not giving into external fears
I will make it out of the deepest gorge
singing along to “What a wonderful world"!
Most hideous slaps to my face
I will gladly embrace
drink sour mother’s milk from a cracked cup
and paint with the strokes of invisible scars
most audacious, most radiant, most beautiful art.

Make from the bales life serves you
bold and vibrant accounts
And roaring out a most defiant war cry
like a baby bird learning to fly
undefeated and free,
not knowing yet it might fall
that’s how you must to be!

Life is a bitch you can’t reject that fact
but don’t you despair,
take in some fresh air
look for the sun, the stars and the moon
it will be over too soon
the good and the bad
at the drop of a hat.