• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 08
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Supernatural Men

Tickling chin, levitating avifauna
Human divine spirit, flying over
the skies. Legs woven with thread
and needle, stitches of divine glory
Fur-furthered wings, smiters of far-
fetched foes; reclaiming:
we are supernatural men.

Bound to this beguiling domain, Kings
and Queens dominion over-subdued,
Raging fire of egalitarianism. In the
light of extramundane armistice. In
the image of the ancient box of words.

Our powers traverse beyond boundaries
Mount Everest the beginning of countable
measurement; from the ageless uncountable
times to our present age, we have a domicile
of origin in the world. Born to have dominion
over every living species, we crave for
expansionism, for powers beyond powers.

We are supernatural men!
We are supernatural men!
Here we world, conquerors of ageing principalities
They may have uncovered the archives of men born
before us, Kings and Queens vanished in times unheard
of, weird though archaeology uncovered the pit-holes
of yester-years, yet our divine supremacy conquers all nature.
As we nurture the things yet to be discovered.