• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 12
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Hello Nature. Can I have some sunshine please?
Roots cover my body,
I’m ready to flourish,
but something is holding me back.

I beg you, please.
All I ask for is a little sunshine.
Don’t worry! I’m not thirsty –
I have plenty of water to feed me,
to keep me clean, and to wash away the deadheads that I
I’m grateful for water but I still feel drained.

I need sunshine now,
I long for that lovely warm feeling upon my skin.
Let the sun brighten our day –
please can you ask it to make everyone smile?
We all need a little sunshine once in a while.

People don’t smile as much as they used to
and we all know why.
I’m asking a favour – for the sun to appear,
because if it doesn’t, then I fear
we might all forget HOW to smile –
at strangers,
with friends and family,
at ourselves.

Please bring us sunshine and let us smile again.