• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 01
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Take your violet tinted glasses off
Slip your hand into your marsupial purse
Do what you need to do to prepare for take off
Pack no mittens or scarves
My news will shake you to the core

You have been summoned
to rise above your confining limitations
The time of lazing in the sunflower beds
has come to a close
Come away from this sprawling metropolis
You are needed in the eucalyptus zone

Do not despair!
Bullets shall not be strewn asunder
Your presence is required
in the distribution of seed bombs
Fertile plains must flourish
To nourish the marsupial pouch inhabitants

Bring no suitcase only fill your purse
With chewing tobacco and smelling salts
Lard, beeswax, rosin and tea tree
I will show you the itinerary once you agree
If you can see me
you have already made up your mind.