• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 07
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Such a sexy mine mind girl

"You have such a sexy brain. Such a sexy mind girl! Mine.”

He used to tell her this daily, as she passed him on her way to the bathroom or slowly on her way to the kitchen. “Mmm girl. Your mind is hot.”

He loved to own her every thought.

“Mind your own head” she would smirk in reply.

The two of them like two lobes of the same brain. Such a perfect fit. She taking care of the left hemisphere of life and he of the right. This was before things just fell apart. The dementia of their life. What a stroke of bad luck. For them to forget all about the hot perfection of their state of mind.
But such a fleeting thought now.

Yes, and now?

Now she was gone. An after thought. Though night quite ... right.

Somehow she was always on his mind. She was in fact in his mind. At times it felt like he had no mind at all without her. None of his own. He was out of it. And it was out of him. Clueless. Numb. Dumb. None.

So there she was, resting, within the folds of him. Can you see her? Sexy mind girl. Yes.

And what a mind this gave him.

Quite the turn on. And off. Utter confusion.


Such a sexy mine mind girl

You see, she was gorgeously formed. A perfect train of thought. Every fold of her. Just perfectly curved, this mind of his now.

She rested in between the folds. Just because she could. I bet you would too.

At unexpected moments she would yawn and stretch and overtake all of it. Her fingers reaching every part of his cortex. Her toes tickling every lobe.

Every strand of hair overtaking a neural pathway.

Her legs his split brain. Dripping cerebral fluid. What a mess.

One morning he woke with what felt like a slight fever.
Or rather a light fever passing. Just slightly so. But enough to make him shake his head.

“This has to stop.”

He did a yoga asana that was sure to help.
Head to legs (brain infact), stomach to thighs, gracefully. He could hear his yoga teacher ease her out of him.

Gravity pulling her out of every fold of him
grounding every cell
every neuron
of him
back into his mine mind.

He had not lost it after all.

Sanity is no easy matter.

When he lifted his head and stood upright again he could feel it
she had in fact slipped off
and out
and all that was left with what a smooth surface.

Not a single fold in sight.
Not a single fold in mind.
Not a single, single thought
no tickle

A what a piece of mind.
What a peace of mind.

What a man without a woman in on mind.

He has such a sexy brain. Such a sexy mind, boy ...