• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 10
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Subway Held Hostage By Lawnmower

Subway held hostage by lawnmower.
I read this morning’s headline with interest
but not too much surprise.
The machines have slowly been taking control
as our bodies succumb to inertia.
Why bother doing something
when a machine can not only do it
but do it better.
So the lawnmower
holding the subway hostage
was just a reflection of that.
Where in previous days
an armed man would hold other people hostage
leading to bloodshed and death
this was a better way.
No shooting
no guns at all
just a rouge lawnmower
holding the subway hostage.
Only an abandoned backpack
an innocent bystander
caught up in the fray.
I did wonder for a moment
how it would all be resolved
only a matter of time
until the rechargeable battery
ran out of energy.
Just like me, running out of interest
moving on to the next story.