• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 08
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Substance vs. Style

Ten pink candles burn bright atop the illuminated neon cake.
Five yellow tallies add to the dimensions of one disjointed shape
with twenty-eight white slashes
and thirty-one red pockmarks
laced into the canvass
for some material or mystical reason
to test abstract fashion
against a pink polka dotted pattern of soul.

Slap the design on some overpriced fabric
and market it for a million bucks
to the high end crowd
strutting their stuff up and down the Boardwalk
just itching for the next fad
to feed their fix
and sell their souls for
while emptying out the Gucci purses
and spilling fiat paper all over the counter


Substance vs. Style

Take the colorful patchwork
to the nearest science show
and place it upon the table
then pull at each bright intersection
until the structure pops out
as a 3D construct
of sacred geometrical proportions
cluing all those in attendance
into the secret pattern
which underlies all reality
until the knowledge pops open their pineals
to receive a message straight from source
as vibrations flood in pretty colors
behind their eyes with a holy vision

Happy Birthday!
Here’s your gift.
Would you prefer a dress
or saving grace?