• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 04
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Step Onward

Reflecting on the yellow road,
the high road, the low road,
the road less travelled by,
and all the other roads
I could have taken;
how was it this one and why?
What caused me to turn the corner,
go this way at the crossroads,
climb that hill
to see the other side?
Which river stopped my path,
and which one carried me here
a place where roads lead
nowhere and everywhere,
where all roads
are mine to choose?

I am no wiser now
than I was then,
have no better idea
as to which road to choose.
Experience has taught me nothing
except we step into darkness
when we take that step.
Nothing is foreseen,
nothing can be known
of what is to come,
what leads to happiness,
or leads to grief.


Step Onward

Don’t look back is all I know,
never look back,
or all the wrong roads,
and the missteps
will overwhelm you.
Step forward, onward. Step.