• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 09

Starting Tomorrow

You look at us like we have done something absurd
But we are only the same as the rest of our herd
Out inside forms, front to back shapes,
Down upside patterns and about around makes
A confusing abstraction, so many distractions
From seeing the sounds as we listen out loud
For the creak of the world tipping sideways
The quiver of forests on a lonely cascade
The shake of the lakes in unfamiliar ways
And the whispering scream of a shadowy moon
Orbiting round a wavering view
Brightly reflecting our cut and paste tomb
Where tower blocks blossom, factories flower,
Subways still sprout and cities are in bloom
Other threats are omnipresent, omnipotent and now
From ravishes of war to crisis of cost to virus resurging
None of it stops
Lips fatigued with service and virtues over-signalled
You may think we forgot your orange fringed stare
But we, the person, knows one of us will lead
Starting tomorrow, we will surely take heed