• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 04
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She steps up
to an imaginary, blurry line
historically defined
by happenstance
& bloodshed.

It is here she finally halts.

She exists
in the here and now,
rugged up and frozen
in this time and place
in historical geography
for a mere melting moment

that’ll inevitably shift, refreeze
and melt again.

She is another lone traveller
                            at the global maxima

of a complex character arc –

this tumultuous life trajectory
into the ubiquitous unknown.

She is another unyielding victim
of others’ self-serving



Those timeless sands
scattered around her in all directions
shimmer like precious metals
that appear to be

shinier behind her
one moment


shinier before her
a moment later.

She has no choice
but to move forward.