• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 10
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Stand Clear?

Now does this platform stance stand clear?
Or can this rotate sill be staged?
Is this at Bank, Bounds Green, Green Park,
Clapham Common, Chalk Farm maybe,
Northfields, Embankment, Maida Vale -
though Kew Gardens sounds more like home?
Mornington Crescent? - Haven’t a clue?
Is broadcast gameplay in the know?

Someone here must draw the line.
yellow warning, white the end?
‘Fling wide the gates’ the psalmist’s cry,
and Harry Beck’s map laid the ground,
as made his tube cartography,
that set the bar you peek, just there.
See caution drones but everywhere,
a ringside view to wrestle with.

In the far corner, Camouflage,
with Mountfield Mower on our side,
disabled may sit ringside show -
perhaps adjust these terms, PC?
Does Mower know no smoke allowed,
commuters fuming at the kerb,
while ‘mind the gap’, Tannoy announced,
by subway bowtie, Dinner Jack.
This sounds southbound, the Northern line?