• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 02

Spirit tek

I am an avant-kranky light bulb,
the latest production from Neptune’s Projects.
I am anaphoric semaphore – come quickly!
I am putting on a show in the trenches, the result
of consuming impossibly rampant frangipani;
I am happy to be accused of ruining the magic.
I am an exclamation mark that’s taking a break,
having a bath, telling everyone to chill a little,
as that’s the best rebellion you can do down here.
Feeling flat? Style it out – don’t fight it, light it!
We are all everyone’s CT scans – pleasure centres
alive when we swim into each others’ arms.
I am the world’s first underwater ticker tape,
desiring that you celebrate living with me.

‘spirit tek' = an instinctive liking for someone you don’t even know