• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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Space to Breath

You respire, in, out,
Hidden depths fill with suspiration,
An apex fuelled by aspiration,
Conspiring with like-minded souls
Shedding perspiration on the way,
Talent transpired, and revealed,
Called to Venice, you took up a
Dwelling in this space we breathe
Named Diaspora,
Collectively, together, from distant shores,
Displaying spiritual depths and knowing,
You used your passions quietly,
Each image burning with an inner flame
Showing mysteries others fail to name,
At peace in the practice of your art
A deeper meaning you impart,
Live life in love and laughter
Sitting at the very heart,
Too soon, your life
Spun, measured, cut
Too short, too short
Yet, you leave a legacy behind,
Inspiring, calling to others
Follow, follow down this path.