• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 09
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Listen to Green.
Birds in the boughs,
Squirrels silhouetted against the sky.
Life in the treetops,
Nests and cavities,
Leaves that leave no trace of autumn days
When green becomes gold.

Listen to Green.
Place your ear against the color,
Let it speak of spring and summer,
Let it waft from the branches over the street,
Into gardens and lawns,
Let the lawns and gardens reciprocate.

You can hear the Green whirl
Of the tape in the cassette,
Green music rolling past from cars
Painted the color of chlorophyll,
Driven by Green teenagers on Independence Day,
Exploding patriotic supernovas of Green brilliance.

Listen to Green.
It will tell you about Faith, Hope and Charity,
But mostly about Change—
How nothing is transformed,
But everything is changed,
Wafting down upon us in all the hues of the rainbow.
Listen to Green.