• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 02
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Sorbet Runaway

Front & center,
it controls its cheeks
to keep the peace.
Like an orange sunset,
anyone can transform
to a predator.
Green eyes yellow,
like slow madness
dawning calmly
on fallen angels.
Color in what may,
noise points away from
the master’s touch.

the raging human
arrogantly beats red
every bone in its body,
overtaken by force.
The horse ages,
bleeding while drinking
its last remnants of water
before striding in between
shaded meadows.
Relief is bothered.


Sorbet Runaway

Any bastard son will tell you
that man, like seasons,
paints the exterior
of his house
so brightly
to hide what’s lurking
beneath his cellars.
Candy-cotton yellow,
The staring neighbors grin
& walk on.

Ears perk up
to flaring scandals,
turquoise pills
stretching imaginations
to dream another
day away. No location.
Drop & kick like
your life depended on it.

The horse mirrored
in the shoreline
downs a quick icy beer
abandoned by its abuser
before mucking away
through a damp
gaping cavity
in the hillside,
Do Not Enter signs
noticeable at the entrance.