• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04

Soothe me technology

That’s it soothe my ego,
Let the faceless people press that like button.
All my internal worries about my external appearance wash away as i am ‘liked, ‘hearted’ and given the good old digital ‘thumbs up’.
Soothe me technology,
As comparison tries to my steal my joy.
The never ending cycle torments me, yet i still participate.

Must try Harder.

Soothe my body aches as i work hard to get the curves that are now on trend, despite my genes protests.
I shall add a stronger filter next time, yes.
They will call me pretty, goals and fire.
Emojis will evoke emotions that i so desperately wish to feel in the real world.
This world on my phone may be filled with an abundance of fake news, photoshopped images and other people's fake realities but it's what i need right now.
So please, soothe me.