• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 09
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Song of the Sun

After a photograph by Jordan McQueen

The sky’s not always purple
with passion, nor the fields
alfalfa-green and gold,
sometimes heaven is just
angry & the plains are on fire
with lust.

And away from the place
of the buffalo, close to the
ocean swells, clouds are not
always empty, but are filled
with trust and my prayers.

You say This land is my land
but those words don’t exist
in my tongue. I am nothing
but silhouette dawning,
I am nothing but dust
by your hands.

But the sun will shine forever
as far as your life and mine
are concerned; I will transform
to better shadow in the light
of the One who must come.


Song of the Sun

And He’ll return me the land
I have cherished, the same
you had taken from me, then
the sky will be purple with
passion and the fields will be
gold-rust to see.

And the Sun will be just forever.